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A high-quality pair of tyres may require a significant initial investment, but they will be worth it in the long run. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ sometimes holds true. Regardless of the type of tyres you have, damaged or worn-out tyres are not beneficial.

It’s important to note that just because a tyre is a ‘budget friendly’ option does not mean it won’t work well, but it's difficult to surpass the improved performance, riding comfort, safety, and lifespan that a quality pair of premium tyres can provide.

What are Premium Tyres?

Premium tyres are frequently made with more advanced rubber compounds that have higher wear resistance than budget tyres. They generally offer a more comfortable drive and deliver better handling. Premium tyres can also improve vehicle control, reduce braking distances, and increase grip.

More than just rubber, tyres are made of numerous compounds, including carbon black, oils, antioxidants, silica, sulphur, and so on. Premium tyre manufacturers such as Toyo, Pirelli, Bridgestone, and others pay close attention to every aspect of their tyres, from raw material selection to the processes involved, all the way up to product testing.

When you buy high-end tyres, you are paying for decades of tyre research, development, safety testing, and expert engineering.

What are budget tyres?

Budget tyres are usually made of harder rubber, making them cheaper to make. However, they often don't give as much grip and may affect your car's performance. There are many cheap tyres that are very soft, which makes them perform excellently, but then they don't last as long.

As mentioned before, budget tyres don’t have to mean bad or unsafe tyres, as they might perform better in some areas than others. They can be an excellent choice and a cost-effective option for day-to-day driving and commuting.

You can trust that every tyre you purchase from Tyres R Us will meet Australian Standards and perform safely on the road, even if it means sacrificing longevity or noise levels.

What type of tyre should you buy?

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Premium and affordable tyres may differ significantly from one another. One of the key differences is the quality of the rubber compound used. Some cheap tyres are made of harder rubber; however, there are some budget tyres that are very soft and excellent for grip, but they don't last very long.

Often a budget-oriented tyre will have fewer additives and less carefully selected materials making up the rubber compound, which results in a tyre that doesn't perform as well across a wide range of conditions.

When compared with premium tyres, budget tyres usually have less cornering and grip ability, as well as less capability in wet conditions.

While a budget tyre might perform well in one or two areas while making compromises in others, such as longevity, road noise, or puncture resistance, a higher-end, premium tyre will perform as well, if not better, across a wider range of conditions and temperatures. A more well-rounded tyre (pardon the pun) provides a more predictable and safer driving experience.

Are premium tyres worth the expense?

Choosing the cheapest tyre option may seem attractive, but it could affect your vehicle’s performance and safety.

Premium tyres are typically fine-tuned and developed over a longer period of time to provide a wet-condition grip as well as advanced tread compounds and patterns. These features allow the vehicle to better resist aquaplaning while providing a quieter ride.

Because some companies, such as Toyo, Continental, and so on invest in tyre compound design, premium tyres can perform really well in wet weather while not sacrificing braking performance or tyre noise.

If you own a 4WD, premium off-road tyres will help you handle difficult terrain, as they usually have extra sidewall plies. This characteristic will also help them to minimise punctures from rocks and other trail features.

Get your tyres with Tyres R Us

Whatever type of tyres you decide to buy, you can rest assured that all tyres sold here pass ADR (Australian Design Rules), which are the national standards for vehicle safety, anti-theft, and emissions.

If you are looking to buy new tyres, why not call our Tyres R Us store on 03 9362 1611? One of our knowledgeable team members can help you find the right tyre to suit your budget.

We supply and fit tyres for most makes and models, including tyres for your car, 4WD, or SUV. You can also come to our store located at 122 Munro Ave, Sunshine or book our services online.

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