Tyre punctures are one of the most common types of damage. The main causes of punctures are sharp objects such as screws, glass, and nails.

Worn-down tyre treads and incorrect tyre pressures are among the top causes of punctures. This is because they make tyres more susceptible to sharp objects on the road.

Generally, you’ll notice one of your tyres has a puncture because your Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light comes on or your vehicle drives strangely. You will also hear sounds coming from the affected tyre.

It can be hard to avoid punctures, but if one of your tyres gets one, it is recommended to pull out of traffic and use your hazard lights to tell other drivers there’s an issue with your car.

There are some frequent questions drivers usually ask about tyre punctures, and you may have asked them as well. We’ll explain them in this article.

Is it ok to drive on a flat tyre?

We wouldn’t ever recommend you drive on a flat tyre. Driving with a punctured tyre can be really risky for you, your passengers, and other road users.

However, if you need to move your vehicle out of a dangerous situation, you can drive with a punctured tyre as long as you drive at a very low speed with your hazard lights on until you’re able to pull over at the nearest safe place and call for assistance.

What are the signs you’re driving with a flat tyre?

Flat tyre on the road.

There are some common signs that drivers usually report when they realise that they are driving with a flat tyre. These include:

  • Your tyre pressure monitoring system light is on: Most vehicles have sensors to detect low pressure conditions in your tyres.
  • Your car wanting to veer to one side. If your car changes direction abruptly to one side of the road, this could mean one of your front tyres is flat.
  • You hear a booming sound. You should feel a thump and vibration if one of your tyres goes flat while driving. This is followed by a loud flapping noise from the flat tyre.
  • Your car starts to slow down. If you notice your car is struggling despite heavy acceleration or it stops abruptly, you should check your tyres in case they may have gone flat.

If you see your tyres are fine despite these warning signs, it would be best if you had your car inspected as there might be other underlying issues.

When can you repair a punctured tyre?

There are two factors that will tell you whether your punctured tyre can be repaired or not. These are the size of the puncture and the spot where the puncture occurred.

Generally, tyre punctures can be fixed if they happen between the tyre’s shoulders. This is the central portion of the tread area. Also, if the puncture is less than 6 mm in diameter, it’s typically safe and viable to repair.

Shoulders of a tyre.

To ensure optimum tyre safety, only tyres that suffer a penetration in the appropriate tread area and meet the below criteria are repairable:

  • The puncture occurs from the belt edge to the belt edge in the tread area.
  • The angle of penetration of the puncture is roughly 45° from vertical.
  • The puncture is no larger than 6 mm.
  • The tread depth on the tyre is still above 1.6 millimetres.
  • There are no obvious signs of run-flat damage or underinflated tyres.

When can’t you repair a punctured tyre?

Tyre damage.

In many circumstances, a puncture can be irreparable. Some areas of a tyre are very flexible and are not able to be repaired in a durable and safe manner. Therefore, it would be better to replace the tyre entirely.

These areas of the tyre are the sidewall or the shoulder between the tread and the sidewall.

How is a punctured tyre repaired?

To properly repair a tyre puncture, the tyre needs to be demounted and inspected internally as well as externally. The hole is reamed and filled with a plug before the area is covered with a patch from the inside.

The best and safest thing to do is to get your punctured tyres repaired by a tyre professional such as Tyres R Us.

Reliable puncture repairs in Sunshine.

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